Case Study

Twimbit partners with a large Southeast Asian telco to empower enterprise sales teams for revenue growth



  • Growing enterprise business requires the company’s sales team to gain industry knowledge, understand client needs, and develop strong product propositions for greater success in consultative selling
  • Develop a highly engaging knowledge platform hub with intuitive features to support on-the-go consumption
  • Build a high-performance sales team


  • Twimbit Vault, a plug-and-play SaaS platform, with key features for an engaging knowledge hub
    • Targeted market and industry report
    • Account profiling and intelligence  
  • An AI-powered tool serving as a go-to for immediate, contextualized insights for sales teams facing specific challenges in different sales scenarios
  • Twimbit stories for on-the-go-consumption
  • The Edge, a custom-built RSS feed for the sales team to broaden their industry knowledge of the latest news around the company’s biggest competitors and target audiences


  • Deepened the sales team’s knowledge of external industry trends and hot-button topics
  • Equipped the sales department with insights and skills to lead impactful, strategic conversations with C-suite executives  

The telco serves over 20 million customers with reliable services and new technology solutions in a intensely competitive market. Beyond offering reliable connectivity, the telco recognized a growing demand for comprehensive digital solutions from the nation’s largest enterprises. While the sales team had seen considerable success in selling connectivity solutions, they now needed to sell complex digital solutions that required considerable customization for individual enterprise needs. This required existing teams to elevate their knowledge as well as stay current with the latest industry news to drive meaningful conversations and develop revenue opportunities with the client.

Clear growth opportunities were identified in areas such as IoT, Cloud, and Cybersecurity. As the next step, the company focused on empowering the sales team with insights into today’s business issues, market trends and innovation opportunities. To achieve this, the company partnered with Twimbit for its expertise in delivering enjoyable and accessible industry insights.  

Build a highly engaging knowledge platform  

In expanding its enterprise reach, it became crucial to equip the sales team with the right tools to navigate complex digital transformation challenges. While they possessed expertise in selling connectivity solutions, a gap in industry knowledge hindered their ability to tailor solutions and become strategic partners in the clients’ digital journeys.

Twimbit stepped in to co-create a knowledge hub that would bridge this gap. The collaborative process began with weekly cadence calls to better explore the sales teams’ needs and build a basic wireframe. Recognizing the sales team members had busy schedules, the focus now was to create bite-sized and readily consumable content.

Three key questions became the guiding pillars for the knowledge hub’s structure and content:

  1. What is happening within their landscape on a broader scale?
  2. How can we turn this into a business opportunity?
  3. What solutions can we offer for effective consultative selling?

Understanding these needs, the Twimbit Vault – a plug-and-play SaaS platform – emerged as the ideal solution. Twimbit’s tech and UX teams also experimented with novel features and unique colour palettes, incorporating client feedback through multiple brainstorming sessions. This iterative process led to the creation of a personalized and highly tailored knowledge platform within 2 months.  

This platform provides sales team members with targeted market and industry reports covering the latest trends, key drivers, and hot-button topics. Beyond information, it offers account profiling intelligence with insights into client ICT spending, priorities, key decision-makers, and the competitive landscape.  

For on-the-go sales team executives, “Twimbit Stories” replicates the feel of browsing through social media, delivering concise market insights in an engaging and consumable format. These curated stories, featuring market highlights and case studies, are contextually relevant, enabling sales teams to seamlessly weave sales narratives into potential opportunities.

Designing customizable features with high-impact and long-term longevity

One critical challenge the sales teams faced was driving impactful conversations with C-suite executives to achieve a higher level of consultative selling. Having access to targeted insights and identifying key decision-makers is just the beginning. Sales leaders must be equipped with compelling conversation themes on the broader industry landscape. This would help them better resonate with CXOs’ strategic goals, paving the way for meaningful dialogue and successful deals.

To achieve this, Twimbit custom-built the “Edge”, an RSS feed to provide sales teams with the latest news and information regarding the company’s targeted customers and biggest competitors. Keeping true to on-the-go consumption, sales team executives can retrieve quick and bite-sized updates thanks to the ChatGPT-powered summarisation feature.

Further bolstering the executive’s knowledge is an AI-powered intelligence tool built on ChatGPT. This innovative tool seamlessly retrieves cutting-edge research from three key sources: the company’s internal database, Twimbit’s research repository, and ChatGPT 4.0’s external database. Now, sales executives can quickly gain insights on trending industry topics, identify tech-driven opportunities, and effectively engage C-suite executives.

Its value extends beyond information access, providing pre-set starter prompts on the 4 key sales stages – prospecting, proposing, negotiating, and closing. These prompts act as helpful “kick-off lines” for sales executives to learn more about the sales stages’ potential challenges and needs. The tool is also programmed to provide contextualized answers, ensuring tailored insights and tips relevant to each potential sales opportunity.  

Ultimately, this partnership enhanced the team’s capability. By making targeted insights engaging and accessible, the team members have a deeper industry understanding, are able to identify compelling conversation themes and capitalize on tech-driven opportunities.

Future initiatives for enterprise growth

This partnership is just the beginning. Soon, team members will have direct access to on-call Twimbit analysts, fostering a seamless two-way communication channel that connects them with internal and external industry experts for immediate support. Beyond knowledge, the “Sales Black Belt” program gamifies upskilling, turning team development into an engaging quest for key growth opportunities. This dynamic duo – instant expert access and interactive training – will propel the sales department to new heights, leaving C-suite conversations feeling like second nature.