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Assembly is a leaders club where big questions are answered, connections are lasting, and meaningful impact is created through collaboration.

“Strict compliance is essential in the pharmaceutical industry when adopting new technologies to maintain product quality. As a result, the pace of transformation may be slower, but it ensures the integrity and safety of pharmaceutical products.”​

Yap Ming Cur​

Head of IT, Biocon​
“Malaysia is grappling with a cybersecurity talent shortage, with higher education institutions currently producing only 1,200 professionals per year. The demand for cybersecurity talent is projected to reach 11,000 by 2026. This highlights the urgent need for concerted efforts to bridge the gap and cultivate a skilled workforce to effectively address the cybersecurity challenges faced by the nation.”​

Ts Mohd Zabri Adil bin Talib​

Acting Head of Division, Cyber Security Responsive Services, CyberSecurity Malaysia​
“Banks typically embrace a three-layered defense approach, encompassing operations, risk management, governance, and auditing, to establish a robust security framework. This comprehensive strategy ensures that stringent security measures are in place to safeguard sensitive information and protect against potential threats.”​

Taufik Nordin

VP, IT security, EXIM Bank​
“By adhering to ideal processes and best practices, including conducting thorough cybersecurity evaluations prior to production, we can effectively mitigate the risk of cyber threats. It is essential to prioritize these measures when developing new applications or systems to ensure the safety and security of our digital landscape.”​

Mohd Hafidz Aziz​

Cyber Security Analyst, PLUS Malaysia​
“Committing to continuous research and development, we have prioritized the improvement of our internal processes. By harnessing the capabilities of Robotic Process Automation (RPA), we have successfully streamlined ID verification, while also introducing ticketless parking with car plate visualization. These advancements not only enhance operational efficiency but also elevate customer experiences, ensuring seamless and hassle-free interactions.”​

James Thang​

Group CIO, UCSI Group​
“Crafting an effective cybersecurity strategy requires a proactive mindset, with a keen focus on understanding the dynamic nature of the threat landscape. This entails considering various factors such as geopolitics and the activities of state-sponsored or group hackers. By proactively considering these elements, organizations can fortify their defenses and mitigate potential risks, ensuring the security of their valuable assets.”​

Jaiz Anuar Yeop Johari​

Head of Cybersecurity Engineering, CelcomDigi​
“Successfully navigating the complexities of managing mobility is a paramount challenge for TDCX. With clients endorsing different policies, ranging from remote work to a return to physical offices, TDCX must adeptly adapt to accommodate these diverse approaches, ensuring client satisfaction and operational excellence.”​

Byron Fernandez​

EVP Malaysia & India / Group CIO, TDCX​
“Strong cybersecurity governance is the backbone of organizational resilience, empowering the CISO to equip the CEO or board with critical insights and data for informed decision-making, ensuring the protection of valuable assets.”​

Abid Adam​

Group Chief Risk & Compliance Officer, axiata​
“Telcos face the challenge of deciding between becoming pure software companies, like TikTok or tech giants like Microsoft, and leveraging technologies like AI and cloud for internal efficiency and external market offerings.”​

Khoo Kang Wei​

Head of Technology Strategy, CelcomDigi Berhad
“Monetizing services tied to complexity reduction is an evident opportunity in our increasingly intricate landscape, where innovative solutions are in demand.”​

Paul Werner​

Vice President, Global Solution Engineering, F5​
“In our journey to becoming a digital service provider, culture is pivotal. We prioritize design thinking, agility, and customer understanding to develop digital services. We foster digital literacy, connect enterprises with solutions, and commit to a five-year transformation despite legacy challenges, prioritizing long-term progress over quick profits.”​

Prem Menon​

Head of Strategy, Digital Nasional Berhad​​
“As we transition from consumer to enterprise and aim to become a digital powerhouse, coordinating internal stakeholders' alignment is as critical as getting customers’ buy-in. The organisation must share a single vision, the same ambitions and have a piece of the shared responsibility to build a digital powerhouse common milestones, digitalised processes, transformed “simplified” systems and an evolved workforce.”​

Esther Chang​

Head - Digital Enterprise Business, U mobile​
"To truly transform into technology providers, telcos must reevaluate fundamental issues and shift their mindset, prioritizing investments in R&D over mere solution reselling."

Sunil Gupta​

Head - Delivery Enterprise Network and Digital Systems, Digital Nasional Berhad
“For traditional telcos, moving to the cloud and virtualization is crucial to reduce costs and enhance efficiency.”​

Azizi A Hadi​

COO (Commercial & Technology), Telekom Malaysia Berhad​
"We collaborate with our clients on their business challenges across our markets, with a focus on practical and cost-effective solutions. Leveraging our regional presence, we learn, adopt and employ our industry expertise, such as vehicle telematics into occupational health compliance solutions."

Gopi Kurup​

CEO-Enterprise, Axiata​
"To drive innovation within telcos, it's imperative to incubate external business arms with a different culture, operating alongside the core business. Attempting radical change within the existing framework is often futile; embrace incubation as a means to experiment, learn, and potentially bridge the gap."

Krish Datta

CEO and Founding Principle, TM Credence
"Monetizing services tied to complexity reduction is an evident opportunity in our increasingly intricate landscape, where innovative solutions are in demand."

Lim Chin Keng

Strategic Sales Director, F5
"The telco industry's lost opportunity lies in transforming from a connectivity provider to a true application partner of the end customer."

Ankur Singla

SVP/GM, Security Products Group, F5​
"To succeed, telcos must shift their mindset, focusing on core connectivity and rapidly introduce cost-effective new services. Virtualisation without automation is like taxation without representation. KPIs are crucial for tracking progress and adapting to evolving business environments."

Ahmed Guetari​

VP, Product Management, Service Provider, F5​
"The dream state of invisible banking is described as banking services that are everywhere and easily accessible, much like the air we breathe, eliminating the need to physically visit a bank branch"

Manoj Menon

Founder, CEO Twimbit
"API security is pivotal in enabling the adoption of the invisible banking model, making operations more efficient and secure. Addressing this concern is crucial for its successful implementation"

Leslie Wong

Regional Director, Sales, F5
"Continuous feedback mechanisms and sandbox environments to test the effectiveness open APIs will help build a strong foundational layer for right product development"

Haddy Rohan Zulkifli

Chief Operating Officer at MoneyMatch
"Cybersecurity continues to be one of biggest factor for low adoption of open banking practices among FSI players. With the right infrastructure and digital core that automates security controls for API exchange can substantially benefit the industry."

Max Azaham

Senior Vice President - Head of Digital Business Division, MIDF Berhad
"Partnership-led models are key to success, it leads to product innovation and reduces the cost to serve the customers."

Dr. Sekar Jaganathan

Chief Business Officer, Equity Broking Business Expansion And Development, Kenanga Investment Bank
"To effectively serve our customers we need to build and manage robust behavioural models that make credit assessment and disbursement frictionless for the bank/fintech and the customer"

Jeevan Victor

Head, Digital Strategy & Business Enablement, Maybank
"Regulatory bodies, when working closely with banks, can facilitate and accelerate the adoption of digital banking and financial innovations"

Varnika Goel

Co-Founder and Research Director Twimbit
"Top-down strategies and national visions for banking transformation can catalyze the industry's growth and encourage innovation"

Nguyen Hai Ninh

Regional Director, Public Bank Vietnam
"Invisible banking means automation and going beyond traditional banking services. Technology companies, like Grab and Paytm, are already offering similar services to banks, making convenience a key factor"

Nguyen Anh Thang

Head, Information and Cyber Security, Standard Chartered Bank