Case Study

Twimbit helps South Asian conglomerate spearhead entry into data centre and cloud



  • A nascent market with severely limited data to support decision making  
  • Limited information and a highly fragmented competitive landscape
  • Fragmented customer base, making demand-estimation challenging
  • Scattered regulatory policies contributing to an uncertain market outlook
  • High capital outlay requirement, further substantiating market risk


Twimbit created a comprehensive report outlining potential roadmaps and scenarios for the conglomerate to successfully enter and succeed in the market. The report included:

  • Market growth projections for next 10 years  
  • Market drivers and restraints
  • Critical success factors  
  • Targeted customer segments with propensity to win  
  • Competitor analyses
  • Pricing scenarios for mid-to-long term  
  • Best Practices strategies from other markets  
  • Multiple scenarios for possible future market state
  • Strategic Recommendations


  • Enabled the client to develop an informed multi-pronged market entry strategy, from immediate entry to rapid scale-up if the market developed favorably
  • Empowered the client team to engage with various stakeholders to create a favorable environment in developing the cloud and data centre market

Navigating uncertainty, unlocking the data centre and cloud market opportunity

A few leading global companies had recently announced their intent to invest in a South Asian country’s cloud and data center market. As a leading national conglomerate, the client saw an opportunity to expand its reach beyond its current business in IT, telecommunications, and energy sectors.  

However, a few challenges were immediately apparent such as the market’s current limited size, a lack of competitive participants and a relatively weak regulatory policy environment. These factors pointed towards an uncertain market outlook and underscored the client’s concern of substantial risks against the requirement of high investments to fully capitalize on the opportunity.  

It was clear that a comprehensive understanding of the market would be essential for effective strategy development. Hence, the client engaged Twimbit to carry out a full-scope market analysis to help them develop a strong, data-driven strategy to break into the uncharted market.

The Role of Twimbit:  

As a research partner, Twimbit was tasked with providing the essential market insights necessary to predict the market's evolution over the next few years and identify areas of targeted growth.

Twimbit adopted a multi-faceted research approach, combining primary and secondary data collection methods. Extensive industry interviews and data analyses were conducted to assess market dynamics, customer preferences, and emerging trends. Secondary research focused on scrutinizing regulatory developments, competitor activities, and international best practices.

Findings and Recommendations:

Through meticulous research, Twimbit unveiled key findings that shaped the client's market entry strategy:

Market Potential: The demand for local data centre and cloud services was projected to experience significant growth due to increased digitization and shifting data sovereignty preferences.

Target Segments: Twimbit identified priority sectors and potential customer segments with the highest demand for data centre and cloud services, such as finance, healthcare, and e-commerce

Regulatory Landscape: By analyzing existing regulations and potential regulatory shifts, Twimbit provided the client with insights into mitigating regulatory risks and capitalizing on emerging opportunities. Additionally, policy insights from other markets enabled the client to engage relevant stakeholders in discussions regarding policy shifts.

Competitive Analysis: Twimbit evaluated the strengths and weaknesses of existing competitors, enabling the client to identify gaps in the market and devise a competitive positioning strategy.


Armed with Twimbit's comprehensive insights and recommendations, the client formulated a clear market entry plan. This plan focused on tailored solutions for priority sectors, extrapolated 10-year scenario mappings in tandem with possible market evolvements, and identified potential strategic partnerships with local players. The information and scenario mapping also gave the client insight and intelligence to engage the right stakeholders in shaping the young data centre and cloud market towards the most favourable business environment.

Through its collaboration with Twimbit, the client is able to successfully navigate the challenges of entering the nascent data centre and cloud market. By leveraging Twimbit's comprehensive market intelligence, the client can now position itself as a pioneer in the local industry, unlocking substantial growth opportunities. The case study underscores the importance of data-driven strategies and the value of partnering with expert research firms when venturing into uncharted markets.