Case Study

Twimbit helps global IT services leader make a major market transition within the telecommunications industry



  • Client is a global IT services company with a leading position in serving communications, media and information (CMI) service clients
  • Increasing emphasis on developing local supply chains and device ecosystems in supporting the telecommunications industry presents a strong growth opportunity but a major market transition
  • Global competitive landscape is currently monopolized by several large players
  • Rapidly evolving telecommunications market structure, particularly with the introduction of Open RAN
  • Difficult to determine most effective strategic options for entry, given the large scale and fast-paced movements of the market


Twimbit embarked on a deep-dive analysis of the global telecommunications industry to assess feasibility of becoming a key player in the network infrastructure market. The analysis covered:

  • Industry structure & key players, particularly for RAN market (CAPEX & OPEX of top operators, market share by segments, individual key player presence & capabilities across geographies)
  • Market sizing and forecasts of global telecommunications & network infrastructure market (including RAN, Open RAN, mobile core networks & mobile transport networks)
  • Business case and investment assessments
  • Go-to-market strategy recommendations


  • Enabled the client to develop an informed multi-pronged market entry strategy for the next decade
  • Helped the client define capabilities and production capacity for their manufacturing unit
  • Zoomed in on potential partners and customers to kick-start initial market entry

Identifying a high-risk, high-return opportunity in a competitive industry

A prominent multinational IT services company identified an untapped opportunity in the telecommunications sector's transformation towards Open RAN. Recognizing the potential unlocking of the telecommunications supply chain, the client envisaged becoming a key integrator in this evolving market landscape.  

The telecommunications industry’s paradigm shift towards Open RAN presented a compelling opportunity for players to assume the role of integrators. However, the market was fiercely competitive, with established players vying to strengthen their position in this newfound open environment. Moreover, the transition into an infrastructure-dependent market necessitated substantial capital investments, further raising the stakes.

Acknowledging the criticality of reliable information and meticulous planning, the client partnered with Twimbit as its research ally.

The Role of Twimbit:

Twimbit was entrusted with a comprehensive analysis of the global telecommunications market - empowering the client to assess feasibility, identify potential challenges, and devise a winning market entry strategy.

Twimbit undertook a multifaceted research approach, blending primary and secondary data collection methods. Interviews with industry experts, surveys, and data-driven analyses were conducted to gain deep insights into market dynamics, competitive forces, and future trends.

Findings and Recommendations:

Twimbit's research unearthed key insights that eventually informed the client's entry strategy:

Market Feasibility: The telecommunications market showcased considerable potential for Open RAN, with the expected unlocking of the supply chain. The client could potentially position itself as a pivotal integrator by leveraging its current expertise and capabilities in the technological manufacturing space.

Competitive Landscape: Twimbit analyzed the competitive landscape, helping the client identify potential partners, collaborators, and areas where differentiation was crucial to secure a competitive edge.

Investment Strategy: Through revenue projections and risk analysis, Twimbit assisted the client in formulating a well-structured investment plan that balanced risk and return on investment in the infrastructure-dependent market.


Armed with Twimbit's comprehensive insights and recommendations, the client was able to formulate a clear decade-long strategy focused on collaborative partnerships with key players, targeted rollouts and leveraging on its’ existing manufacturing prowess – enabling them to successfully penetrate the complex global telecommunications landscape.

With precise market intelligence and strategic support, the client can capitalize on an unlocked supply chain and successfully establish itself as a key integrator. This case study underscores the importance of data-driven decision-making and the value of partnering with expert research firms to capitalize on emerging market opportunities.