Case Study

How a global telco and ICT provider established a niche community and targeted messaging



  • Segmenting and nurturing a niche community  
  • Targeted messaging for a specific industry use case  
  • Building an audience and generating business leads  
  • Limited interaction between experts and customers


  • Content creation and distribution software (twimbit partner site)  
  • twimbit managed services


  • Connected people who can build advocacy within the community  
  • Expert and audience engagement

A global telecommunications and ICT solution provider improves its value proposition delivery and boosts customer and expert engagement

A global telecommunications and ICT solution provider (“the Company”) helps businesses connect with their people, sites, and machines securely and reliably. In Australia, the Company has developed a unique value proposition with its IoT solutions line. The technology aims to help the industry achieve productivity and remain cost-efficient by enabling more proactive decision-making. In order to boost customer engagement and educate them about the efficiency of IoT solutions, the Company utilised research as a tool to illustrate the challenges faced in the industry and how it played a role in the solutions.

Establishing a platform relevant to community needs

Targeting the Australian construction industry, the Company wanted to nurture and grow a niche community so it could communicate its value proposition effectively. While it produces a lot of research content on its site, construction industry-focused assets only form a minor percentage of their overall content, as it is a small focus within its operations. Hence, the Company found it challenging to perform targeted messaging towards the construction industry through its current site. The Company embarked on a search for a communication platform that could accomplish focused customer engagement with its construction-specific audience.

The Company approached twimbit to co-create a platform that would enable them to build advocacy within the community. The twimbit plug-and-play Software-as-a-service (SaaS) platform helped it focus its efforts on building a larger audience in the construction industry and generating more business leads. It can also monitor consumer responses through the analytics dashboard, allowing the Company to expand its customer base by addressing pain points and elaborating on topics that will make consumers feel relevant.

Reaching out to experts  

Additionally, the Company wanted a platform that would allow experts and customers in the construction industry to connect. The twimbit partner site provided the means to improve collaboration between both parties through its ready-to-serve interaction tools. The Company’s leading executives serve as experts on the platform, providing insights into real use cases in the industry. The Company also transferred its existing collaterals (white paper and other case studies) to the platform as content.

On top of that, the platform is also equipped with personalisation features, enabling consumers to easily zoom into topics they are interested in. Thanks to these features, the platform will serve as a reference site for all construction industry and digital transformation initiatives.

Moving forward

In the future, the Company plans to host live industry engagement forums with twimbit. It also looks forward to co-creating more partner sites for other industries.