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Insights, Immersions and Challenges to master industry innovation.

Focus areas

Bank of Tomorrow

Disruptive business models, Neo-banking, Purpose score benchmarks of Asia’s largest banks, Innovation Opportunities, CX best practices
(NFT & Crypto)

Digital Transformation

Megatrends 2030, World’s best digital transformation case studies, Digital natives (companies, investments, technologies and business models), Cloud

The Future Telco

5G, OPENNESS in networks, Beyond connectivity, Enterprise business, Disintermediation in telecoms

The Experience Economy

Trailblazers and Benchmarks, Technology (Cloud, AI and Automation), Vertical Industry themes and priorities, Measures of CX success

Blockchain Tech

Covering the various themes (NFTs, Cryptos, DeFi, DAOs, Tokenomics), Fundamental concepts, Enterprise use-cases, Disruptive business models across verticals, Market intelligence, Trends, Best practices

Our focus - Innovation opportunities

  • Bank of Tomorrow
  • The Future Telco
  • The Experience Economy
  • Digital Transformation
  • Blockchain Tech (Beta)

Learn, collaborate, apply

What you get?


In a micro-learning format

On-going insights, market intelligence and benchmarks


Go deep into industry best practices

With experts, analysts and your network of meaning


Fun, active and contextual

Periodically launched by experts for real world application

  • Personalize – define your learning goals and outcomes, select the program/s of interest
  • Learn - access the what, why, who and how of the biggest innovation opportunities
  • Collaborate - with mentors, analysts and peers
  • Apply - test your knowledge, publish insights and take up challenges
the what, why, who and how
with analysts, experts and peers
to test your knowledge, publish insights and take up challenges
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An ecosystem that brings together creators, thinkers, and consumers of insights.

How can I contribute?

Co-create insights, drive agendas, and share ideas to shape tomorrow.

What is in it for me?

Stay closer to the world of insights, nurture your audience and broadcast your expertise.

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