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Twimbit launches ‘CX Stars’, a global program to benchmark and celebrate exceptional customer experience (CX)

Kuala Lumpur, August 22, 2023
August 22, 2023
August 22, 2023

Twimbit CX Stars is built to recognise Exceptional CX and celebrate companies with the best-in-class CX platforms, processes and practices

The ‘Twimbit CX Stars’ program recognises CX as the key differentiator for today’s businesses. As CEOs continue to change the industry landscape with new CX practices, the necessity for a comprehensive benchmark has proven more than relevant in today’s landscape.  

With Genesys as the founding partner, we are thrilled to elevate the standards of CX excellence and celebrate exceptional organisations at the ‘CX Stars Gala Dinner’ in Bangkok on 11th October 2023.

“Inspired by the Michelin Star Guide, the Twimbit CX Stars program aims to inspire companies to cultivate leading practices and build exceptional customer experience.” – Manoj Menon (Managing Director and Founder, Twimbit)

Led by independent, research-driven, analyst-led benchmarks, the Twimbit CX Stars program will evaluate leading companies within the realm of 4 essential CX pillars: brand, digital, employee, and service. The evaluation will involve secondary research, interviews with organisations on their CX practices & metrics, social engagement trends and mystery shopping. The benchmarking information & analysis will then be assessed and validated by a panel of external judges.

Organisations will be assessed using the Twimbit Exceptional CX Mastery scale and given a CX rating of 5 stars along with their CX Mastery status ranging from Proficient to Advanced and Exceptional (Exhibit 1).

At the CX Stars Gala Dinner, all Advanced and Exceptional CX Stars will be recognised and awarded, along with leading CX Stars from different industry verticals ranging from Banking, Telecoms, Insurance, Travel & Hospitality, Digital & eCommerce, and Government Services.  

Twimbit will reveal the leading CX Stars on 11th October 2023, starting with organisations in Asia. Organisations are welcome to nominate themselves and be part of the benchmarking exercise. Get a Twimbit CX Star badge and be recognised for your CX Mastery. Submissions are free and are open till 31st August.

Exhibit 1: Twimbit Exceptional CX Mastery Scale and 4 CX Pillars

“We hope to provide a mechanism for organisations to know their CX benchmarks and strive to become an Exceptional CX organisation. We are happy to offer the first step in that journey to all organisations that aim to deliver best-in-class CX” – Manoj Menon (Managing Director and Founder, Twimbit)

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