Varnika Goel

Research Director | Co-Founder, Twimbit
Neo banking | Bank of tomorrow | Finance leadership

Varnika Goel is the co-founder and Research Director of Twimbit, a research and advisory firm driven by the singular mission to help build and grow purpose-driven businesses. She holds a Master's in Finance and Marketing, along with a Bachelor's in Business Administration. Based in India, she has 9 years of experience as a research analyst and consultant.

Varnika specializes in the banking and financial services industry, conducting finance functional research, authoring reports on target companies, and analyzing stakeholder impacts. Passionate about customer experience, she identifies innovation opportunities for banks by leveraging her knowledge of the future of banking to enable exponential company growth.

Her leadership and analytical prowess have played a key role in Twimbit's success. Varnika's strategic insights and market acumen have driven the company's growth and expanded its presence across sectors. Her expertise and dedication shape Twimbit's reputation as a leader in delivering transformative research solutions to clients worldwide.

In addition to her professional expertise, Varnika is an accomplished Bharatnatyam and Contemporary dancer who values agility and fosters an innovative team spirit within her company.

About twimbit

Twimbit is a research and advisory firm driven by a singular mission: to empower businesses that are making a difference. We specialise in providing invaluable industry intelligence to executives and teams, acting as a catalyst for innovation and growth.twimbit's proprietary research platform revolutionizes the way information is consumed by professionals, making it effortlessly enjoyable and accessible to all.

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