Manoj Menon

Founder & CEO, Twimbit
We help build and grow purpose-driven businesses

Manoj Menon is the founder and CEO of Twimbit, a research and advisory firm driven bythe singular mission to help build and grow purpose-driven businesses. Prior tofounding Twimbit in 2018, Manoj was a Senior Partner and Asia Pacific ManagingDirector at Frost & Sullivan. He was a founding member of the team in Asia, joiningthem in 1996 as an analyst. He went on to help them expand their presence in over 13countries and become a leading advisory firm in the region.

Manoj is passionate about technology, innovation, telecommunications, and customer experience. He defines the research agenda for Twimbit and works with some of the largest companies to help them drive change, integrate technology, and build better experiences for all stakeholders. Manoj has spoken at over 1,000 seminars and private conferences in the last decade across all continents.

He has a strong background as a Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA), Bachelor's degree in computer science engineering and a Post-Graduate Diploma in BusinessAdministration.

Manoj is also passionate about sports. He is an avid fan of Liverpool Football Club, runs marathons, and is currently learning how best practices from sports can be integrated into business.

About twimbit

Twimbit is a research and advisory firm driven by a singular mission: to empower businesses that are making a difference. We specialise in providing invaluable industry intelligence to executives and teams, acting as a catalyst for innovation and growth.twimbit's proprietary research platform revolutionizes the way information is consumed by professionals, making it effortlessly enjoyable and accessible to all.

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