Twimbit's Asia Pacific Telecom Awards

In a world oversaturated with awards, you might be wondering why Twimbit is throwing its hat into the ring. Fair question. The industry's drowning in accolades, right? Yet, let's be brutally honest—most of them are nothing but smoke and mirrors. Allow us to paint a vivid picture of the sorry state of affairs.

The Nomination Circus:

Imagine awards that only acknowledge companies audacious enough to nominate themselves. So, if the big shots decide to sit this one out, the so-called "winners" end up being second or third best. Seriously?

Quality of Entries vs. Real Results:

Sure, quality matters, but what about performance? Many awards lose themselves in the glitz of polished entries, forgetting to scrutinize the nitty-gritty of real-world accomplishments. It's like handing out Olympic medals based on the best-dressed athletes. Too often, we see companies failing to deliver results celebrating their award accomplishments.

Pay to Win:

And then there's the cringe-worthy pay-for-play drama. Either fork out cash for a nomination or open your wallet for licensing fees. Oscars and Grammys manage just fine without this mess, so why should the telecom awards scene resemble a pay-per-view circus?

Now, enter Twimbit. We're not here to blend in; we're here to disrupt.

Here's the Twimbit Telecom Awards Mic Drop:

No Nomination Shenanigans (a new addition to my vocabulary thanks to my daughter): We're not playing favorites. Whether you nominate yourself or not, we see you. No favoritism. No exclusions.

Zero Fees, Zilch Bias: Brace yourself—no fees whatsoever. No nomination fees, no licensing fees. Money won't buy you an award here. Equality is the name of the game. We will not charge you for the seats you need to pick the awards as well. No fine print.

Brains Over Bribes: Our crack team of analysts is digging deep. We're not just glancing at entries; we're dissecting performance. The top five contenders in each category get a thorough analysis. And guess what? We're not doing it alone. A league of industry legends will have the final say. ( Thank you Ahmed Guetari Sundi Balu Geok Chwee Ong Tony Kalcina @Sangeeta Gupta Manoj Chugh Vishal Singh Derrick Buckley ANISSH PANDEY Chari TVT

Join us in flipping the script on the mundane. This isn't just an awards show; it's a reckoning. May 2024 marks the birth of the Twimbit Telecom Awards Asia Pacific in Singapore. We're thrilled to announce that F5 is joining us as a founding partner and sponsor. We are hoping to have a few more like minded industry leaders join us in building a powerful industry program.

Ready to redefine excellence? Let's roll.