Mastering exceptional CX: Insights from the era of invisible banking

Webinar | August 22, 2023

In the fast-evolving landscape of banking, the pursuit of exceptional Customer Experience (CX) has become a perpetual commitment. I had the privilege of participating in a webinar titled "CX stars: Exceptional CX in the era of Invisible Banking" alongside Manoj and Varnika from Twimbit. The insights shared during the session shed light on the crucial aspects that banks must master on their journey towards delivering outstanding CX.

1. One CX Vision: Alignment is Key The foundation of exceptional CX lies in aligning customer goals with business objectives. It's not just about catering to immediate needs; it's about fostering a holistic understanding throughout the bank. By ensuring that every team and employee comprehends and contributes to this shared vision, a seamless experience can be offered across touchpoints.

2. Customer Obsession: Listen and Adapt Adapting to the dynamic nature of customer preferences is imperative. True customer obsession involves actively listening and understanding their evolving needs. This means thinking beyond the confines of traditional banking and drawing inspiration from other service industries where customers seamlessly interact. This is where banks can identify opportunities to step in and elevate the customer journey.

3. CX Design Process - Iteration is Key Exceptional CX requires a deliberate and iterative approach to design. The process of "Design, Test, Tweak, Launch" should be embraced. Setting up internal design labs dedicated to CX fosters innovation. By involving diverse teams, leadership, and even select customers and non-customers in the testing phase, banks can fine-tune their offerings before introducing them to the wider audience.

4. Implementation Focus: Turning Vision into Reality Transforming CX concepts and technology into everyday reality necessitates robust implementation plans. The ability to consistently deliver exceptional experiences hinges on the execution of these plans. By ensuring that the CX strategy is seamlessly integrated into daily operations, banks can sustain the high standards of service they strive for.

As banking becomes more integrated and invisible within our lives, standing out requires a strategic approach:

1. Be Present Where the Customer Is To be exceptional, banks must be omnipresent in customers' lives. This means meeting them where they are – whether in physical branches, digital platforms, or emerging channels. A seamless transition between these touchpoints ensures a cohesive experience, regardless of the medium.

2. Cultivate True Customer Advocacy Creating genuine value for customers transforms them into advocates. When customers derive tangible benefits from their interactions with the bank, they naturally become promoters of the brand. This advocacy not only solidifies the bank's reputation but also fosters organic growth.

3. Embrace Continuous Innovation Customer expectations are in a constant state of flux. To keep pace, banks must be committed to continuous innovation. This means regularly assessing and adapting offerings to align with evolving preferences. By proactively staying ahead of the curve, banks can consistently exceed customer expectations.

In the era of invisible banking, exceptional CX is not a mere goal – it's a journey that demands unwavering dedication and adaptability. The insights gleaned from the webinar have illuminated the path forward. By aligning internal strategies with customer needs, nurturing a culture of innovation, and embracing customer obsession, banks can truly excel in this invisible yet impactful realm. Let's embrace these insights as we shape the future of banking, one exceptional experience at a time.

If you’re reading this as a representative who attended our twimbit webinar – drop a comment and share your key takeaways we might have missed out on! Or, if you’re reading as a twimbit client who wants to learn more, reach out to us at [email protected] and let’s discuss this further in an inquiry specific to your organization. This webinar was sponsored by Genesys, creating a wonderful opportunity for eminent FSI leaders to connect on a more personal level.

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