TranscribeMe! ~2Mn remote workers and not a dime on recruiting

Almost all companies in 2020 are toying with the idea of remote work for a significant time or forever.To help on that journey, we present the top 10 global companies who have aced remote work. To learn more about:

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Twimbit’s top 10 global companies to ace remote work
Company: TranscribeMe
Industry: Language Services
119 employees | Hybrid + Gig | 500000 Gig workers


TranscribeMe!, founded in 2011, is a leading information technology and services company specializing in worldwide translation services.

Company offers transcription, data annotation and speech recognition apart from translation.

TranscribeMe’s mission is to provide high-quality, secure, and affordable data customized for its customers.

The company accomplishes the mission through secure encryptions, easy to use platform and the 1.8 million talent pool all around the world. Twilio and Lionbridge are two other companies who successfully maintains a big crowd. Check out how they are different from TranscribeMe.

Talent Strategy

Unlike other companies, TranscribeMe doesn’t have a high entry barrier while selecting a remote worker. But the quality requirement of the work is set very high and only those who meet the requirements get paid

Hiring Process

The joining process is easy.

  1. Simply register and take the Transcriber training program offered by the company
  2. Only requirement is a computer with Google Chrome and a reliable internet
  3. No enforced number of working hours
  4. The standard expected quality level is 98% minimum, counted as 2 permitted corrections per 100 words of output including spelling and grammar
  5. The terms of service give the company the power to terminate employees upon failure to meet requirements.

Following are some tips from TranscribeMe to efficiently lead a remote team

  1. Foster a culture of regular feedback
    • Ensure that all employees are aware of the formal and informal means to give/receive feedback
  2. Implement regular one-on-one performance reviews with team and whole-office meetings
  3. Encourage your Team to maintain a healthy work-life balance
    • A monthly allowance for health. It can be used for organic food delivery service or a gym according to the employee’s preference
    • Encourage team members to take short breaks throughout the workday to build in physical activity
    • Plan regular check-ins with the team to make a platform for requesting help/ discussing progress if needed
    • Have some informal video call/chat room to compensate the social connect

Customer Centricity

Four ways TranscribeMe achieves customer centricity:

  1. High accuracy
    • Deliver 98% accurate transcripts
    • A 2-tiered transcription and review process
  2. Data security
    • Best-in-class security and confidentiality
      • An entire recording is not available to a single transcriptionist
      • The audio from a client is segmented and only one segment is given to one transcriptionist
      • The full recording is only available to the quality assurance team, all of whom have signed Non-Disclosure Agreements
  3. Fast turnaround time
    • The minimum required is 1 day
    • The maximum can be up to 5 days for a 150-minute transcription.
  4. Strict Terms of Service

To maintain customer centricity with 1.8 million remote workers

  1. Quality Requirements and Rejection of Work/Payments
    • All work is reviewed before payments.
    • 98% QA level
    • Work must be in accordance with the instructions, style guides, and format.
  2. Restriction on Delegation
    • The transcriptionist is supposed to give their real name while signing up and is restricted from delegating the work any third party.
  3. Liability
    • The transcriptionist is liable for any loss or damage suffered by TranscribeMe or its clients due to the violation of terms of service.
  4. Termination
    • TranscribeMe has the authority to terminate the transcriptionist at any time with or without reason.
    • They also have the power to suspend the account of a transcriptionist following violation of terms of service.
  5. Rejections Appeal Process
    • Transcriptionist won’t be compensated for work rejected because of failure to meet requirements of quality, turnaround time, and style guide adherence.
    • It is possible to dispute work rejections if you can prove your work was incorrectly rejected.

Tools Used

  1. Google Docs – for collaboration
  2. TranscribeMe App – for maximizing focus in meetings
  3. Slack – for team communication
  4. Harvest – for tracking time and efficiency
  5. Asana – for project management

Awards and Recognition

Recognized by FlexJobs as a Top 100 Company to Watch for Remote Jobs 2014-2019

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