Microsoft: First steps to remote work

Almost all companies in 2020 are toying with the idea of remote work for a significant time or forever.To help on that journey, we present the top 10 global companies who have aced remote work. To learn more about:

  1. What is remote work?
  2. Twimbit’s e-tact framework
  3. Our selection criteria

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Twimbit’s top 10 global companies to ace remote work
Company: Microsoft
Industry: High Tech
151163 employees | New to a remote working model


Microsoft is one company which doesn’t need an introduction. Its mission is to empower every person and every organization on the planet to achieve more. Amid the pandemic as well, they keep their vision close to their heart.

  1. A Tele community to help people adapt to remote work
  2. Constantly upgrading their products which are now widely used for remote collaboration
  3. A freemium version of its remote collaboration platform Microsoft 365 which previously charged around $1.66 user/month.

Talent Strategy

Even though Microsoft had the capabilities to adopt remote work earlier, they adopted it only after it was forced by COVID 19. If you would like to see the story of an experienced remote company, check out Basecamp.

  1. Currently the hiring is done by telephonic interviews with multiple interviewers.
  2. Strict recruiting benchmarks for technical skills
  3. Since remote work is new to the company:
    • A comprehensive work-from-home guide
    • Initiatives for safe access of confidential data
    • Constant feedback from employees to improve the new working conditions
    • A community to discuss queries and share experiences

Customer Centricity

Microsoft remains customer centric through constant upgradations of its products.

  1. A survey of 10000 workers in 2015, only 33% of them ever used desktop conferencing applications and only 25% used room-based video conferencing.
  2. In Q2 2020, MS Teams alone is witnessing a 2.7 billion meeting minutes in one day


  1. Microsoft spent $9.1Billion in 2019 for acquisitions
  2. Acquired 20 companies.
  3. Of the total spending around 82%($7.5Billion) were spent on acquiring GitHub.
  4. The acquisition is yet another sign of how Microsoft has been doubling down on courting developers and presenting itself as a neutral partner to help them with their projects

Other notable acquisitions include:

  • Compulsion Games, Undead Labs, Playground Games, Ninja Theory, Flipgrid, Bonsai, Lobe, Glint, Inxile, Obsidian, XOXCO, FSLogix, Spectrum, Citus Data, Datasense, Express Logic, Dependabot and Drawbridge.

Tools Used

Microsoft uses its own products, Teams and Office 365 for remote collaboration.

Awards and recognition

  1. Glassdoor’s 100 best places to work for in 2020, employees’ choice
  2. The World’s Best Employers 2019 List, Forbes
  3. America’s best large employers in 2019, Forbes

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