Magellan Health: Leading humanity to health remotely

Almost all companies in 2020 are toying with the idea of remote work for a significant time or forever.To help on that journey, we present the top 10 global companies who have aced remote work. To learn more about:

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Twimbit’s top 10 global companies to ace remote work
Company: Magellan Health
Industry: Healthcare Services and Hospitals
10000 employees | Hybrid


Magellan Health aims to lead humanity to healthy and vibrant lives through complex population management, person centric solutions, innovations and insightful employees.

During this unprecedented time of COVID 19, Magellan Health is holding its mission statement close to its heart by various activities like opening more telemedicine services, partnering with Govt and spreading awareness.

15% of healthcare workers are remote workers in US and Magellan is one of those companies who promote remote work in healthcare industry.

Talent Strategy

  1. Hiring happens through skype
  2. Benefit like health and insurance coverages, assistance for adoption or higher education, and various employee assistance programs for legal/financial affairs and life management support like pregnancy, childcare etc.
  3. Enhanced employee experience through VERN—Virtual Employee Resource Network—a one-stop shop for employee needs.
    • 40% reduction in HR caseload
    • 75%-time reduction to solve queries
    • 75% of employee inquiries solved through self-service

Customer Centricity

The time of a pandemic is when health care company must be the most customer centric. Magellan Health has the following initiatives to address COVID 19.

  1. Magellan offers one of its automated cognitive behavioral therapy (DCBT) apps, RESTORE ®, at no cost to individuals with novel coronavirus-related sleep disorders and insomnia.
  2. The company’s behavioural and specialty healthcare division, Magellan Healthcare, has developed telehealth programs and introduced new measures to assist clients during the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.
  3. Magellan suggests useful advice and tools about how to manage anxiety and stress on the Magellan Health Insights Blog to cope with increasing levels of stress and anxiety.
  4. Magellan works closely with clients along with federal, state, and local authorities to reduce service interference and endorse measures to prevent the spread of the novel coronavirus.
  5. Employers and members of the general public can access the crisis communication web site of Magellan Health.

Feels too specific to health industry? Check how Basecamp maintains customer centricity.

Merger & Acquisitions

Veridicus Holdings, LLC, is a privately held pharmacy benefit management (PBM) organization.

  1. A unique set of clinical services and capabilities
  2. Acquired for $74.5Million

Additionally, Veridicus owns and operates a fully licensed insurance firm that is affiliated with Medicare and Medicaid Services Centers (CMS) and serves participants registered in in the Medicare Part D Employer Group Waiver Plan (EGWP) program.

  1. Build on the clinical focused approach of Magellan Rx Management to PBM services
  2. Increased capabilities for cheaper customer solutions

Magellan acquired Senior Whole Health for $400 Million.

  1. Expand into the Massachusetts Senior Care Options (SCO) network
  2. Extend presence in the managed long-term care (MLTC) market in New York City

Awards and Recognition

Based in part on the number of remote positions offered, Magellan was recognized by FlexJobs as one of the 100 Top Companies with Remote Jobs in 2019.

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