What is openness for twimbit?


Openness is a flow of an open mind, environment, and culture. Imbibing openness is to disrupt dated structural walls and become an open-source of change internally (self, team), externally (customer, suppliers), society (causes, inclusivity), and business (value, stickiness). In this podcast, we discuss how openness brings fundamental changes in an organisation and sets it up for success.


Varnika Goel

Hello, everyone, and welcome to the first podcast of twimbit Tales. And here joining me, the young leaders of twimbit

So today we are talking about openness, and what openness means to us as the leaders of twimbit and what openness means, in general – what we’re trying to imbibe with looking at openness from four aspects. Internally, to ourselves and our team, what it means externally to our customers, our vendors who work with us. What it means to us in terms of giving to the society, how we drive inclusiveness, and what it means for us in terms of business, the whole mission of us of bringing joy in consuming research, how do we inculcate openness in it? And with that, I’m going to be opening the floor.

And my first question to you all. What do you guys think openness means to you when it is about yourself as a person, and what it means to you when you’re talking to your team, or you’re actually having your team moving around and doing conversations with others.
So, anyone can pick up the floor?

Jessie Tung

Oh, I’m going to go first, because I know Aman has a lot to say.

I think, for me, openness is really two things, one is transparency. And two is the ability to speak your mind. So, I think when it comes to this, you mentioned about to your team, to me, is whether or not we can really share our true objective, what is the true goal that we want to see, I think that being open with them, like what is the expectation? Like what is the struggle, but of course, you know, it is easier said than done.

It is really hard to be vulnerable, especially like you mentioned, we are the young leaders, very enthusiastic young leaders of twimbit. And I think that I always try to keep in mind that our team deserve to know the truth, deserve to know what goes in the back-end, deserve to know the struggle that we are feeling. And it’s everything, everyday a learning curve, even for myself on how to be open with them with the truth. Because it’s just like, when you’re a kid, and you want your parents to be open to deal with the struggle that they’re feeling, but they’re not going to do it, because you are kid and they don’t want to worry you.

So, I think to me, openness is really about two things.Transparency, and being able to say what is in. So that’s from my perspective.

Varnika Goel

Awesome. Transparency, and to being true to yourself. What else, guys?

Inderpreet Kaur

I think for me personally, openness would be honest to myself, and being able to cope up or respond to the change. And if I think or look at what has happened around us in the past one, two years, your ability to change and your ability to cope up with change has an impact, not just for you as an individual, but for you as a business as well.

So, within my team, and for myself, I think I define openness as being your readiness to accept the change, or even the ability to go and say – Ok, we are going to go and at least evaluate what this change means for us. It could be a business change, it could be a change in the business model, it could be a change in the way we work. But starting off with the first step and evaluating that change, we adopt it, or we don’t adopt it, having that sense of responsibility to look at what is happening and how it is changing. How things are changing around you.

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