Modernising tech at twimbit

In this episode of twimbit tales, we are going to talk about our approach to modernising the tech stack at twimbit.

We have the chief architects of this modernisation and are happy to have our three-panel members Sumit, Shalini & Siddhant with us today.

We are going to try to dig a little bit into their minds and see what kinds of pearls of wisdom they can lay out for us, in terms of our tech approach.

Listen to them answer questions like:

  • What are the guiding principles for technology that twimbit is following?
  • What does moving to Next JS mean?
  • What’s the concept of Monorepos?
  • Message to developers automating CI/CD?
  • The biggest challenge in modernising tech?
  • How can a young tech team thrive & streamline their work in an ever-changing environment?
  • Mistakes we should be careful about in the modernisation of tech?