TMRW – Banking for the digital generation

  • TMRW ranks #5 on our APAC’s top 10 retail neobanks to ace CX.

TMRW company profile

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TMRW 8-point customer experience parameter analysis

source twimbit analysis

Top customer experience initiatives

#1 Customised cashbacks

TMRW gives access to a suite of banking products designed to keep up with millennials’ fast-paced lifestyles. Rather than offering random cashback to its customers, TMRW considers the relevance and the utility of the cashback it provides to a customer and customises all options accordingly. Although the application of hyper-personalisation in helping with budgeting and savings is now becoming a standard practice, TMRW raises the bar with this unique feature.

The cashbacks offered:

  • 3% cashback across all three categories
  • All other spends get 1% cashback
  • Customers can choose categories that fit their lifestyle
  • Customers can also change their categories every month

#2 Gamification

The most striking feature TMRW offers is the City of TMRW. The city of TMRW is one of the most advanced specimens of gamification any neobank in APAC offers. It is an interactive game where customers can build a virtual city for themselves by unlocking more features as they continue saving.

The bank also helps its customers manage their finances better by giving tips, reminders and notifications about everything – from excessive spending to pending bills.

Figure 1: City of TMRW

source : tmrw website

Other customer experience initiatives

How you can match up to TMRW

  • Offer customisable cashbacks for your customers
  • Incorporate gamification to help your customers save
  • Use real-time notifications to send reminders and alert your customers

Actionable insights for TMRW

  • Embed value-added banking services UOB offers, such as insurance, investments, and loans, into its design to have an omnichannel presence.
  • Introduce wearable banking
  • Allow account aggregation

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