Finin- the Fitbit of finance

  • Finin ranks #6 on our APAC’s top 10 retail neobanks to ace CX.

Finin company profile


Finin 8-point customer experience parameter analysis

Source twimbit analysis

Top customer experience initiatives

Interactive and personalised saving and spending dashboard

  • The dashboard provides complete clarity on the customer’s spending by enabling a one-app view of all their accounts.
  • The neobank offers AI-driven recommendations for the customer’s budgets based on their spending habits.
  • Customers can set up reminders and alerts for their goals, budgets and bill payments.
  • The neobank also offers investment solutions and financial advice that is hyper-personalised. In addition to being based on the customer’s bank balance, the recommendations are also tailored based on the customer’s lifestyle and marital status, among other things.
  • The interface is neat, with logos for easier understanding.

Figure 1: Finin’s personalised dashboard provides logos along with trackers for easier understanding

Source: finin website

Other customer experience initiatives

How you can match up to Finin

  • Build an engaging blog and an active community
  • Customise everything. Offering customised investment solutions and financial advice will help you in retaining your current customer base and adding to it in the long run

Actionable insights for Finin

  • Incorporate gamification around their Finin community with rewards and incentives. Customers can play and collect points that can be exchanged for cashbacks and rewards.

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