What is Twimbit?

The world is moved by ideas and technology. The possibilities are immense. The means to realize those possibilities, progressing fast. Twimbit helps you dream,  execute and deliver your business objectives. A think tank to observe impactful industry trends and make the most meaning of them just for you. The world is moving. We want to help you move ahead of it.

Does Twimbit allow reprinting or representation of it’s content?

Our content is aimed at helping businesses and individuals learn to make better decisions and produce better results. Therefore, as a consumer, you will be able to share our content. However, reprinting or representation for commercial or promotional matters is prohibited without seeking permission. Kindly, write to us at [email protected] should you have further clarifications.

What kind of research and content does Twimbit produce?

We produce research content to help every business and every individual achieve their ambition. Our motto of “better business through research” will be realised with the power of our objective and independent content.

What is the Twimbit App?

Twimbit App is a Progressive Web App. It will have the features and capabilities of a native app while being a hybrid of web pages and a mobile application. It is designed for the ease of use of the consumer.

Can I produce content for Twimbit?

While we produce most of our content internally for now, we envision partnering with great content creators from around the globe. If you have a specialty or a domain you would like to contribute in, please write to us [email protected] and we will get to you after reviewing the sample you have shared