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The Top 10 CX BPOs to Ace Employee Experience

There is an expectation for the global outsourcing industry to reach USD330 billion by 2025. In spite of the cost cuttings by businesses today, the BPO industry will continue to grow at 6% annually for the next six years.

– Cushman and Wakefield

The BPO industry has experienced dramatic growth over the last 20 years, especially the processes encompassing Customer Experience (CX) delivery.

The 6 CX BPO trends 2025

The 6 CX BPO trends 2025

The priority

EX for CX

BPO industry leaders understand, design, and deliver a differentiated employee experience (EX). The heightened emphasis on EX is evident in the Business Roundtable’s new statement on the Purpose of a Corporation signed by 181 CEOs. It states these companies have one thing in common. They all believe their reason for being is for the benefit of all stakeholders – customers, employees, suppliers, communities, and shareholders.

It is a tectonic shift from shareholder value being the only shining star. This universe belongs to all the stakeholders; everyone is a customer. Companies who treat their employees like customers will achieve higher levels of employee performance that will benefit all stakeholders, thereby achieving greater financial returns.

In fact, this new philosophy is key criteria used by top talent deciding who to work for or top clients deciding who to do business with. EX is now table stakes. “Employee as a Customer” is a prerequisite for CX BPOs to play in this market. They not only have to adopt EX but excel at it to be competitive.

What is EX?

EX is a drop of ink in a glass of water. It dissolves into a seamless merger. That resonance matters between an employee and the organization he works with. EX is the outcome of aligning an employee’s journey of changing contexts and aspirations with organizational systems to fulfill them. It is the coming together of culture, technology, and the physical to achieve a common sense of purpose for the organization and the individual.

The right employee experience is not a set of repeatable tactics that companies can adopt and apply. They are unique for each industry, company, and most of all, each employee. The journey occurs from attracting talent to talent exiting (i.e., from hiring to retiring) and, ideally, beyond.

Twimbit line of action for this study

  • Intend to serve Experience leaders in BPOs to adopt and sustain world-class, outcome-driven EX practices.
  • Design an applicable EX framework for BPOs
  • Evaluated 40+ CX BPOs around the EX-framework
  • Distilled the top 10 with in-depth case studies
  • This study is one part of our market intelligence offering. Follow-up events, webinars, customer engagement, and expert opinions will make this piece more authoritative.
  • The experts continue to play a significant role in the evolution of this study. They form the backbone of our expert intelligence community.

Twimbit EX framework for CX BPOs

Twimbit has developed a unique framework to evaluate EX performance for CX BPOs. We use six pillars: Communication, Investment in Technology, Voice of Employee, Learning and Development, Social Connection, Rewards, and Recognition. Below, we describe the attributes of each, illustrating a baseline of performance for CX BPO’s that benchmarks the performance of each company. A summary follows the said framework for each Top 10 EX company.

Twimbit EX framework for CX BPOs

Twimbit’s Top 10 CX BPOs acing employee experience

Twimbit’s Top 10 CX BPOs acing employee experience