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The twimbit journey

Founder and co-founder meet through a common friend

June , 2018

Curiosity – The next big high through work?

July , 2018

Be Mission Ready- Reinvent research to enable every business and career achieve more.

August, 2018

Love at first earshot. The name is Twimbit.

September , 2018

Twimbit is launched

The World Is Moved By Ideas and Technology

October - December , 2018

Pray for luck in the new year and learn

January , 2019

The prayers seem to be heard! Let’s start building a team.

February, 2019

Win the Techstar Weekend Challenge 

March, 2019

Only to give way to a staunch realisation otherwise

April, 2019

Technology solutions Twimbit App and Twimbit Pro are born

May, 2019

Build team and platform

June - July, 2019

We are 10 on the team!

August, 2019

Our enterprise clients help us complete a year of profitable existence.

September - October, 2019

Deliver our platforms – Twimbit.pro and Twimcast

November, 2019

Angel round of funding closed

December, 2019

The team swells to 20+

The Twimbit App for subscriptions is launched.

January, 2020

A team for the ages

A child learns how to walk. Retains and uses that skill for a lifetime. We learnt how to walk down the entrepreneurial lane together. We learnt to do and to be. At work we stay real, curious and supportive. Our ability to include, adapt and question each other is laying the foundation of a grand success story.

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