Build tomorrow

Twimbit X is the tech unit of Twimbit.

We lay the foundation for an inspiring  future. A future defined by extraordinary products and  services. To cut the noise at all your critical touchpoints for exceptional experiences.

Our deep expertise in industry and functional research, AI and GenAI marries our new-age technology stack.

To help you set up your private and contextual intelligence platform, become a world class creator and access industry insights and information smartly.

The Twimbit X innovations


A private intelligence platform to empower sales teams

Win the market, Create revenue streams, and access business insights


A personalised AI port for industry intelligence

Be smart at all times with latest insights, best practices, and benchmarks


An AI sidekick for analyst excellence

Boost productivity and creativity while focusing on your POV

Vault - Improve enterprise sales

Private and secure - private cloud, hosted in your own data center, secured access

World-leading UI / UX – a mobile-first platform for content consumption on-the-go

Creator environment – an easy to publish platform

AI Powered  - built-in AI chatbot that can serve as the primary interface

Content library – existing industry, market and account intelligence pre-integrated

User-management and analytics – easy user access and analytics based on user actions

Ask - Your AI port to access industry intelligence

Industry Intelligence - in Banking, Telecoms, and CX.

Account  intelligence – Overview, Financial performance, Digital strategy, Key decision makers, Growth opportunities.

Competitor intelligence – know them well to serve them well.

Best practices and benchmarks  - Identify the right CX and AI innovation opportunities.

Simple and joyful consumption – Friendly interface, and bite-sized, visual insights.

Personalized and curated – To suit your need and context.

Buddy - Your AI sidekick for analyst excellence

Focus on complex tasks and build your POV - While I take care of everything I excel at.

Experience simpler workflows – for higher productivity and effectiveness.

Personalized – know them well to serve them well.

Sharper analysis with TwimbitGPT  - validated, dual-search information.

Publish insights and stories – to influence and inform.

Craft images and newsletters – to captivate and tell a story.

Technology Partners

Companies helping us make our technology solutions seamless