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Custom Subdomain / Domain, SSL Certificate, Site Icon and Logos and Colour Scheme

Audience Engagement

Video and Podcast

Chat integration

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Improve your distribution

Live Content

Video and Podcast


Expert listing and Manage experts roles

Built with twimbit platform

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Our customers success stories

“True to their technology-first approach”

twimbit has truly made a huge difference to the world of research by driving better business outcomes. Through their tech-driven knowledge platform, has been able to share our HR Technology research content in a seamless manner to a global audience.
twimbit’s SEO score calculator is truly one of the highlights  as it helps us provide content that can reach a wider audience in a more targeted fashion.
Look forward to the road ahead with the twimbit partnership as we look to expand our research capabilities.

Sriram Iyer
Founder & CEO- Hrtech

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