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Who we are

We are dedicated to empower professionals and organizations to stay ahead of the curve. We leverage information and technology to provide data driven insights, industry-n-career trends, benchmark and best practices that inspires others for excellence. We promote and recognize industry leaders and innovators who inspires other to strive for excellence.

We want to inspire everyone to "be more"

- Manoj Menon, CEO, twimbit

Who do we do?

twimbit is a collaborative research platform which unites the world’s industry experts, top regional analysts and its’ users to deliver a newer and better form of business intelligence. Our industrial specialties include banking, telecommunications, customer experience, digital transformation and disruptive technology.    

Prefer a more hands-on approach? We also have an advisory team; supported by our network of industry experts and in-house team of experienced consultants, we can hunt down the exact insights and intelligence needed to solve your thorniest business problems. 

What we offer

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All our knowledge and research, hosted on one platform. Make better business decisions with:

  • Industry intelligence through benchmarks, best practice breakdowns and trend analyses
  • Community discussions with qualified experts 
  • Thought leadership pieces from industry practitioners

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twimbit advisory

Our best team members and analysts, dedicated to supporting your business needs. We’ll help you drive growth and innovation in your team with:

  • Custom and on-demand insights curation (identify and implement growth opportunities) 
  • Content and thought leadership creation (build brand, create demand for your services) 
  • Bespoke events and briefings

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