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Here at twimbit, we believe every individual has the power to make an impact in their organisation.   We tell stories of industries, technologies and companies; empowering every individual and organisation with the right intelligence to grow to their fullest potential in the world of business. Our mission is to inspire everyone to "Be More”.  

In our mission to help others thrive in their industries, we recognize that Being More starts from within. Thus, we have our own way of doing things that encourages everyone in twimbit to Be More!

Working at twimbit

Open and trusting

No feeling or opinion is too small – we encourage our team members to speak up! Our quality of work and collaboration relies on communication, honesty and trusting our team members to have each other’s back.

Firm but polite

We value strong opinions from those who aren’t afraid to speak their minds. But what we value even more is the ability to express these opinions kindly and respectfully.

Serious but fun

Our bread-and-butter lies in a serious industry; full of numbers, graphs and jargon. But our work doesn’t have to be! We like to inject a little personality and light-heartedness into everything that we do.  

Care for community

We recognizes that a sense of contribution to the world plays a big role in self-fulfillment. From setting up our budding twimbit foundation to our International Women’s Day initiatives – we’ll find a way to support the causes you are passionate about.

Better together

Whether it’s a new tool to improve the way we work, or a problem that needs a support system – the team wants to hear it! We build teams who share, trust and rely on each other, through thick and thin. 

Everybody is a leader at twimbit

- Varnika Goel, Co-founder twimbit

Our Leaders

Manoj Menon

Founder & CEO

After two decades as the Managing Director of Frost & Sullivan (APAC), Manoj stepped out with an ambition to change the face of research. He hunted down a team of like-minded people, set up twimbit and the rest is history!

Jessie Tung

Co-founder | Strategy Lead

The youngest of the founding team, but arguably the toughest! Jessie is twimbit’s client-facing powerhouse, cutting her teeth with the likes of Google & Huawei. She continues to play a pivotal role to the company’s business development.

Varnika Goel

Co-founder | Research Director

Varnika’s attention to detail and persistence grew twimbit’s research efforts into its’ current world-standard. As a formidable voice in the banking space, her opinions are highly sought after among top business leaders today.

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