Case Study

How Indonesia’s top cloud provider captured new customer segments





The Opportunity

Renowned as one of the world’s top cloud providers, this company has garnered over ~495,000 customers for its ability to deliver cutting-edge cloud solutions with unmatched levels of accessibility. Aiming to expand beyond its current scope and customer segments, substantial growth prospects continue to lie untapped for the company, be it in previously overlooked customer segments or in finding new ways to maximise existing segments. The company also identified potential opportunities to improve its segmentation strategy, opportunity identification and account targeting approaches.  

Employing a introspective approach, the company aimed to thoroughly assess how it was currently marketing their cloud solutions. Simultaneously, it wanted to ensure its current business continuity remained uncompromised. With assistance from Twimbit for its expertise to deliver actionable intelligence and industry-driven insights for innovation and growth, we were able to explore new ways for the company to expand and capture new customer segments.

The Answer

This challenge was multi-faceted. While it faced tremendous growth under its existing core customer segments, there was more to be achieved both within and outside of the company’s current customer portfolios. As a result, this involved a dual-pronged approach – utilize our data repositories extensively and leverage the company’s extensive network of cloud buyers.

First, we began by harnessing our data repositories (both internal and external) to accurately map out potential market opportunities and sizing. This was essential to underline the broader market trends that currently captured the cloud buyers’ attention, all while projecting potential trends to make headway moving forward in the cloud landscape. This knowledge provided an immense boost towards identifying potential entry points for the company to carve significant inroads.  

The second step revolved around exploring the company’s extensive network of cloud buyers. This involved tapping into a wide range of cloud buyers with their fingers on the pulse of cloud computing trends and customer needs. These ranged from understanding the cloud buyers’ current challenges, preferences and behaviours when interacting with cloud solutions. By engaging with these cloud customer segments on a more detailed level, we gathered real-world perspectives to:

  1. enrich our understanding of the current cloud landscape trends
  2. formulate personalized and unique market approaches to address various cloud customer segments with differing behaviours and preferences

The Outcome

Armed with Twimbit’s recommendations and expertise, this leading cloud provider addressed its immediate challenges and set the stage for long-term strategic shifts. This newfound clarity enabled the company to identify high-value customer segments that were previously overlooked. In response to this collaborative effort, the company also undertook a pivotal restructuring of its sales framework to create a better reach beyond its core cloud buyer segments.  

A notable triumph in our collaboration was how the company solidified its position as the leading cloud provider in Indonesia. By identifying new market opportunities with heavy-duty projects, we helped sharpen their competitive edge to defend their lead in Indonesia amidst fierce competition. Moving forward, the leading cloud provider has fostered an environment ripe for setting new benchmarks in cloud computing leadership while ensuring uncompromising business continuity.