Avaya acquires Edify: A power move in the evolving contact centre market

Avaya acquires Edify: A power move in the evolving contact centre market

Avaya, a global leader in customer experience (CX) and communications solutions, recently acquired Edify. This move will significantly enhance the Avaya Experience Platform (AXP) by integrating Edify’s no-code, cloud-native solutions, transforming the landscape of customer journey orchestration and cloud migration.

This acquisition will enhance Avaya’s ability to deliver personalised customer experiences through advanced automation and seamless CRM integration, while also integrating a talented team of Edify engineers into Avaya’s organisation. Ultimately, this underscores Avaya’s unwavering commitment to bring constant innovation to CX.

Alan Masarek, CEO of Avaya, emphasised that this acquisition is a testament to their leadership in innovation within the CX space. "The addition of Edify not only enhances our technological capabilities but also brings world-class talent into our organisation," he said.

No-code customisation and seamless cloud migration

Edify’s no-code orchestration engine is the highlight of this acquisition as it will enable businesses to rapidly create and deploy workflows that connect them directly with customers while bypassing complex technical setups. This enables organisations to adapt and innovate without heavily relying on traditional coding resources.  

While Avaya’s customer base of large enterprises and government institutions rely on their on-premise solutions, the integration of Edify’s cloud-native platform marks the beginning of a significant shift and provides a good pathway for these customers to migrate to Avaya’s cloud offerings. Avaya can now offer customers a seamless transition to the cloud, enabling businesses to leverage flexible and scalable cloud solutions while utilising Avaya’s infrastructure and support.  

Elevating contact centre capabilities

With this era of digital transformation comes the need for contact centres to strive for excellence in customer service delivery. Hence, integrating cutting-edge technologies such as Edify’s advanced solutions is beneficial to deliver:

  • Personalised experiences: With integrated AI-powered tools like NLU & sentiment analysis embedded within a unified platform environment, agents are better equipped to handle a range of queries/issues seamlessly. This ensures high levels of satisfaction and facilitates effective communication.
  • Streamlined workflows: No-code orchestration engine empowers organisations to design and deploy customised workflows tailored to specific preferences. This minimises reliance on external resources hence, reducing overall operational costs associated with traditional workflows.

Industry implications

The Edify acquisition reflects a broader trend of consolidation within the contact centre market. Similar to past eras dominated by traditional CCI providers, we're witnessing acquisitions by major players like NICE (LiveVox), Nextiva (Thrio), and Enghouse (Lifesize) acquiring key players.

This consolidation indicates the emergence of dominant players offering comprehensive solutions that cater to a wide range of customer needs. By strategically integrating innovative technologies and proven expertise through acquisitions, companies like Avaya are well-positioned to lead the industry into the future.

The future of CX: Personalised, streamlined, and accessible

This acquisition paves the way for a new era of CX, characterised by:

  • Personalised interactions: Leveraging AI and customer data, businesses can deliver personalised experiences that build customer loyalty.
  • Streamlined operations: No-code orchestration empowers businesses to optimise workflows and reduce operational costs.
  • Flexibility and choice: Businesses can choose between cloud-based (CCaaS) or on-premise solutions based on their specific needs.

By embracing these advancements, businesses can create a future-proof contact centre that delivers exceptional customer experiences and drives business success.