Welcome to a new
perspective to research


To bring joy back in
the everyday consumption of research for every individual, company and career.

Driven by purpose

twimbit was born because the way research is delivered and consumed is broken. And because there are millions with no easy access to great futuristic research. It takes a deep understanding of a system to fix it.

Customer centricity

We are wedded by our focus to deliver an advantage to our customers. Be it people, business, psychological or social. We pride in ourselves in working closely with the customer till we get it right. Unless our customers are able to deliver to their customers we are not happy.

Strengthen through partnerships

Great partnerships deliver freedom and choice to the consumer.  A co-ordinated network of intent, method, action and technology has the potential to change the world. We would love to do it with you.

The twimbit journey

Founder and co-founder meet through a common friend

June , 2018

Curiosity – The next big high through work?

July , 2018

Shake hands

August, 2018

Love at first earshot. The name is Twimbit.

September , 2018

What have we gotten into? Start working on the first product?

October - December , 2018

Pray for luck in the new year and learn

January , 2019

The prayers seem to be heard! Let’s start building a team.

February, 2019

Winning the Techstar weekend emboldened our validation

March, 2019

Only to give way to a staunch realisation otherwise

April, 2019

Let’s get back to our core – Research

May, 2019

Build team and platform

June - July, 2019

Hit the dime! We are now a team of 10.

August, 2019

Continue to learn and develop

September - October, 2019

Deliver our platforms – Twimbit.pro and Twimcast

November, 2019

Santa ain’t here yet. But he’s waving!

December, 2019

A team for the ages

A child learns how to walk. Retains and uses that skill for a lifetime. We learnt how to walk down the entrepreneurial lane together. We learnt to do and to be. At work we stay real, curious and supportive. Our ability to include, adapt and question each other is laying the foundation of a grand success story.

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